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Select a date and enter your email address. The GravityCal addon would ensure that a schedule is made in your Google Calendar (that is if you have one) using Gravity Forms Integration with the website.

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Events in Google Calendar,
From Gravity Forms.

GravityCal integrates your website with Google Calendar via entry feeds.

Google Calendar Events

You do not need to switch tabs when you can add schedules and events to your Google Calendar straight from your website.

Configure via Merge Tags

This plugin is compatible with customisations so you can change the way the plugin performs to your liking using merge tags.

Create Events On-the-go

Create events in Google Calendar using gravity form integration without even needing to open a dedicated tab or a web application for it from your website.

Delve Into Details

Invite guests to the added events by adding up to two attendee emails and describe the  duration of the event and its details using our GravityCal form.

Download for Free

This plugin is free to download and use. Pay only if you need professional assistance about the product or need help personalising it to your use-case.


Free, Supported, Extensible.

This plugin is backed also backed by premium support with custom development catering to business needs at all the stages.

Supported Plugin

The plugin complies with all the standards of WordPress and is built on the widely-used Gravity Form plugin.


The plugin supports customisation and can be customised for suiting both business and personal projects.

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